About Us

The company was founded with one goal in mind; to facilitate customers’ ideas come to life. In order to achieve such a goal, we are always ensuring that our quality of work is second to none. Our mission is to always provide excellent customer service highlighted by an excellent product.

At Sketch Cube Design, we take pride on our attention to detail. From the initial customer interview to the final product, we take all the necessary steps in order to provide the best tailored experience to each of our customers. Because each project is unique, it deserves quality attention. Our design team utilizes state of the art Computer Aided Design (CAD) technologies in order to transform your ideas into tangible products via rapid 3D modeling. In addition to, our design process employs a turnkey concept where customers’ ideas can be ready for manufacturing as soon as we are done with the final design. This turnkey design concept empowers the customer to rapid product deployment.

The quality of our design products is a reflection of our experience in the field and attention to detail, but most importantly it is driven by our passion of materializing customers’ ideas.